Center for coordination of scientific and innovative research and training of scientific personnel

Center for coordination of scientific and innovative research and training of scientific personnel

TASKS of the Center for coordination of scientific and innovative research and training of scientific personnel

The following should be defined as the main tasks of the Center:

strictly ensure the implementation of legislative documents in the field of coordination of scientific and innovative research and training of scientific personnel, decisions and work plans of the General Prosecutor's Office, decisions of the Council of the Academy and work plans of the Academy, orders, instructions and instructions of the Prosecutor General and the head of the Academy;

determining measures to strengthen scientific potential, conducting scientific research activities, organizing the use of scientific research results in the practical activities of law enforcement bodies and in the educational process;

Constantly monitoring the state of the scientific potential of the Academy, developing proposals aimed at improving the activity of the Scientific Council of the Academy;

organization of admission to basic doctoral studies, doctoral studies and independent education, keeping their accounts and issuing relevant documents;

guiding doctoral students and independent researchers in carrying out scientific research based on the approved plan;

organizing the process of passing qualification exams of doctoral students and independent researchers;

Assisting in the preparation of documents related to the scientific research of employees, independent researchers and doctoral students at the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, the Innovative Development Agency and the Higher Attestation Commission under it;

improving the qualifications of employees, trainees, doctoral students and independent researchers, deepening their knowledge and skills in carrying out scientific and innovative research;

participation in the organization and implementation of educational processes in the directions of scientific and innovative research, organizing training sessions, seminars, roundtable discussions, trainings and other events in this regard;

Evaluation of the efficiency of the Academy's employees according to indicators related to scientific activity;

development and implementation of proposals for cooperation with leading national and foreign educational institutions, analytical and research centers;

Participation in increasing the reputation of the Academy, ensuring the fulfillment of tasks related to increasing its position in national and international rankings;

development and introduction of proposals based on systematic analysis regarding the coordination of scientific and innovative research and improvement of activity in the field of training of scientific personnel;

admission of students, trainees, doctoral students, independent researchers and citizens, consideration of applications of individuals and legal entities;

regularly providing information to the leadership of the Academy about the work done;

The center performs functions in accordance with the approved distribution of tasks for the implementation of tasks assigned to it.




Isokov Lukhmomjon Kholboevich



Head of the Center, Doctor of Science, Associate Professor, Counselor of Justice

In 2022, he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic: "Ensuring and protecting the rights of migrants: a comparative legal analysis."

In 2009, he graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Lyon, France, and in 2018, the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In 2012 and 2018, he completed special courses at the French National School of Administration and in 2017 at the South Korean Institute for the Development of Human Resources.

As a specialist in migration law, Lukhmomjon Isokov is the author of the first textbook "Migration Law", a number of monographs and manuals on the rights of migrants, as well as about 100 scientific articles and abstracts published in Uzbek, Russian, French and English.


Shodiyev Gulom Maxammatovich



Senior prosecutor of the center for the development of scientific innovative projects and training of scientific personnel

Currently, working on the dissertation on "Theoretical and Practical Issues of Rehabilitation in the Criminal Process" to obtain a doctoral degree in legal sciences.

He has published more than 50 scientific works in both national and international scientific journals.


Kenjayev Timur Isomovich




Acting Associate Professor of the Department of State and Legal Sciences

Obtained a PhD degree in the field of legal sciences on the topic of "Expertise of Normative-Legal Documents against Corruption: Theoretical and Practical Aspects."

During his scientific career, he has published about 40 works of various kinds, including research manuals, articles, and abstracts.