Professional retraining courses for candidates for positions in the prosecutor's office

Initially, the professional retraining courses were organized by the Academy in the form of primary specialization of candidates for positions in the prosecutor's office, aimed at teaching the basics of prosecutorial and investigative work and the organization of office work in the prosecutor's office, lasting at least 576 hours. In order to fill the existing gaps between academic training and practical activities, the educational process is organized on the basis of a practice-oriented, competence-based approach.

Training sessions are conducted using advanced pedagogical and information and communication technologies. The training sessions are held in specially equipped classrooms in order to develop students’ practical and special skills.

Listeners of the retraining course will have the opportunity to develop analytical thinking, speaking in foreign languages ​​and other skills which are necessary for such effective activities. Each training course is organized together with internships in the prosecutor's offices of the capital districts, which serves the formation of the trainees' pre-investigation and investigative actions, record keeping, working with appeals and other skills related to investigative and prosecutorial activities.  The retraining courses in the form of primary specialization laid the foundation for a completely new model of recruitment to the prosecutor's office, allowing to select suitable candidates with the necessary moral, psychological qualities and comprehensive knowledge and high qualification.

At the end of the training, on the basis of examinations, graduates are awarded with a diploma of professional retraining. Anonymous surveys conducted among local prosecutors showed that young specialists who completed this fundamentally new model of retraining courses have developed the skills to conduct investigative actions, organize work in sectors, work with appeals and other competencies. filling positions in the prosecutor's office.

Since the establishment of the Academy, 71 trainees have graduated from professional retraining courses for candidates for positions in prosecutor's offices.


Courses for professional retraining of personnel for senior positions in the prosecutor's office

At the academy, reserve personnel are trained to hold leadership positions in prosecutor's offices with a term of not less than 576 hours, aimed at deepening professional knowledge and skills for conducting prosecutorial-investigative and analytical work in prosecutor's offices, participating in law-making activities, as well as mastering innovative forms and methods of work organization and the basics of management. professional retraining courses are hold.

The course program is aimed at mastering innovative forms and methods of organizing the basics of management and management, developing the knowledge and managerial skills of senior staff, and strengthening the leadership qualities of trainees.

Courses are organized using modern information and communication technologies, innovative approaches and learning technologies. Training in these courses is organized on a block-modular system, where for each block classroom lessons are combined with internships aimed at improving professional skills and competencies, teaching advanced achievements in prosecutorial and investigative work, as well as eliminating systemic shortcomings in the activities of prosecutors.

During the internship, students carry out research work on topical topics selected based on their professional activities. The results of scientific research are presented during the final examinations.

Graduates receive a diploma of professional retraining.

Since the establishment of the Academy, 71 employees of the prosecutor's office have been trained in professional retraining courses for personnel in the reserve for filling managerial positions.