Slovenia was visited

Slovenia was visited

A group of employees of the Law Enforcement Academy visited Slovenia to expand international cooperation, strengthen the Academy's scientific and research potential, and exchange experience in organizing the professional training of prosecutor-investigative staff.

The visit was organized at the suggestion and support of the Uzbekistan branch of the NGO "Regional Dialogue" and the INL Bureau of the US State Department.

The members of the delegation visited the Slovenian Police Academy, met with the dean of the faculty, A. Mali, assistant director of the Slovenian Police, M. Jager, and discussed the organization of the educational process, the actual procedure of training, training programs, and other issues.

Also, a visit to the National Forensic Medicine Laboratory of Slovenia was organized and the activity of dactyloscopy, forensic examination of documents, identification of narcotics, and other laboratories was closely observed.

At the meeting with R. Prachek, assistant director of the Slovenian National Forensic Laboratory, the delegation got acquainted with the history, organizational structure, activities, and innovative projects of the laboratory, types of expertise, and the problems arising in practice were discussed in detail.

The delegation visited the University of Maribor, where they met with the dean of the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security A. Sotlar and his deputy I. Bernik. The parties discussed the issues of ensuring the quality of education in undergraduate and graduate education, organizing dissertation research and their defense, as well as implementing mutually beneficial international cooperation.

During the visit to the Institute of Criminology of the University of Ljubljana, there was a meeting with the director of the institute, A. Zavrsnik, and a group of employees.

According to the results of the meetings, the parties noted the priorities of mutually beneficial cooperation.