Seminar on the Prevention of Crimes and Offenses

Seminar on the Prevention of Crimes and Offenses

Employees of the Law Enforcement Academy and the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan conducted a seminar in all cities and districts of the Samarkand region aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of the "five" system in preventing crimes and offenses in neighborhoods, ensuring public safety based on the principle of "Well-organized and safe mahalla".

The events were attended by assistant governors of districts, neighborhood, chairpersons, women activists, youth leaders, as well as prevention inspectors and residents of mahallas.

The seminar discussed the tasks of the "Mahalla (neighborhood) Five," responsible for social prevention, existing problems, and ways to solve them.

Explanations were also provided regarding the implementation of a joint decision on social prevention, considering specific measures to prevent unpleasant situations among minors.

In addition to this, events dedicated to the 31st anniversary of the adoption of our Constitution were organized in the city of Samarkand and in the Pastdargom district.