The scientific and practical conference discussed current issues of civil procedural law

The scientific and practical conference discussed current issues of civil procedural law

An international scientific and practical conference on the topic "Current Issues of Civil Procedural Law" has been organized at the Law Enforcement Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The main goal of the event is to discuss, with the participation of representatives of the scientific community, the development of legal science in our republic, to convey the essence of the legal reforms being carried out in our country to the international arena, and to develop proposals for further improvement of the sphere.

Representatives of the General Prosecutor's Office, the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, the National Human Rights Centre, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as representatives of the Academy of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, M.O. Auezov South Kazakhstan University, leading scientists, and young scholars from higher education institutions in the field of legal education in our country participated in the conference.

The conference discussed the prospects of civil procedural law, analysis of procedural documents in the activities of civil judicial proceedings, new procedures for checking the legality, validity, and fairness of judicial decisions, issues of resolving disputes in foreign economic activities, dispute resolution in online mode in the doctrine of procedural law, participants in civil judicial proceedings and their procedural status, resolution of cases based on principles of dispute resolution, current theoretical and practical problems related to the enforcement of judicial decisions, as well as issues related to the completion of legislative documents.

Also, as part of the conference, a presentation of the book "The Stages and Prospects of Civil Procedural Law in Uzbekistan" took place, which covers the scientific and creative activities of legal scholars who have made a significant contribution to the formation and development of civil procedural law in our country, as well as young scholars and practitioners who are contributing to the development of this field of science.

As a result of the international scientific and practical conference, the participants reached an agreement on strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation in the further development of civil procedural law, new institutions in this area of law, exchange of scientific and practical experience, further improvement of national legislation, as well as the publication of conference materials in the form of a collection.