A football tournament was held

A football tournament was held

A football tournament among undergraduate students of the Academy was held at the Law Enforcement Academy as part of the Students' League.

12 teams took part in the football tournament, each of which demonstrated their skills and team spirit. The games held within the framework of the tournament aroused great interest and attracted many spectators.

Following the results of a series of qualifying matches between the strongest teams of the first and second year students, the final game took place, in which both teams made efforts to win. Thanks to their outstanding play and teamwork, the team of 2nd year students won the football tournament.

Sports events at the Academy are organized in order to increase interest in sports among students and attract them to physical education classes. The football tournament has also become an important event aimed at encouraging young people to play sports and strengthening their health. The uncompromising nature of the final game further strengthened the sports spirit among the students and developed teamwork skills.

Sports events continue, which gives students the opportunity to try themselves in new fields and improve their physical condition.