Enrollment continues for the Bachelor's program in "Investigative Activity."

Enrollment continues for the Bachelor's program in "Investigative Activity."

The enrollment for the Bachelor's educational program in "Investigative Activity" for the academic year 2024/2025 at the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies began on February 1st of this year.

Admission to the full-time education program in the field of "Investigative Activity" at the Academy is organized through the following stages based on selection, principles of equality, and unified admission rules:

  1. Initial selection;
  2. Special psychological selection;
  3. Written exam (dictation);
  4. Test trials.

Initial selection:

- Military structures (State Security Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Guard, Customs Committee, Military Prosecutor's Office);

- It is carried out separately, taking into account the requirements of non-military organizations (prosecutor's offices, including the Department for Combating Economic Crimes, the Bureau of Enforcement).

In this case, the candidate must submit their documents to either the military or non-military sphere.

Candidates must register on the special electronic platform of the Agency for Assessment of Knowledge and Skills under the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education and Innovations of the Republic of Uzbekistan (https://my.uzbmb.uz/) from February 1st to March 1st of this year.

During the specified period, candidates:

For military direction - apply to regional internal affairs bodies;

For non-military direction - submit the relevant documents to the regional prosecutor's office.

The duration of the Bachelor's program in "Investigative Activity" at the Academy is three years, and graduates are issued a diploma of the specified state standard.

Education is conducted in Uzbek and Russian languages based on state grants. Graduates of the Academy's bachelor's program, who completed their education based on state grants, are obliged to work for at least three years in competent state bodies.

No privileges provided by legislation for admission to other higher education institutions of the republic are granted to certain categories of applicants when applying to the Academy.

Graduates of the Academy in the field of "Investigative Activity" are appointed to positions that correspond to officer ranks or titles upon recruitment to competent state bodies.

The official website of the Academy (https://proacademy.uz/uz-cyr/menu/bakalavriat), as well as its official pages on social networks: www.facebook.com/ProsecutorAcademy, www.Узнать можно через инстаграм.com/proacademyuz/ (https://t.me/TheLawEnforcementAcademy), and mass media outlets.

Answers to questions related to admission to the bachelor's program can be obtained through Telegram at 33-596-02-92 and the phone number 71-202-04-96 (ext. 1727).