Participated in an international training on combating cybercrime

Participated in an international training on combating cybercrime


Representatives of the  Law Enforcement Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan participated as international experts and trainers in the training on "Combating Cybercrime: Best Practices, Challenges, and Regional Cooperation" organized in collaboration with the Project Office of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Almaty and the Central Asia Regional Information and Coordination Center.

During the training, representatives from the National Agency for Project Management in Uzbekistan, the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Georgia, as well as a cybercrime expert from Qatar associated with UNODC, took part.

Participants in the training familiarized themselves with fundamental concepts related to cybersecurity and digital evidence. They learned how to identify and collect sources of digital evidence at crime scenes, online, and in cyberspace.

The program also covered modern trends in cybersecurity, including the identification and investigation of crimes occurring in darknet, peculiarities of identifying and analyzing electronic evidence, the nature of crypto-assets, issues related to search and seizure of crypto-criminals, the role of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) in combating cybercrime, and other related topics.

The importance of international cooperation and collaboration to effectively combat cybercrime threats among law enforcement agencies, judicial bodies, and central authorities was highlighted during the training.

Participants engaged in practical exercises such as getting acquainted with names (NER), processing natural language (NLP) in the activities of law enforcement agencies, utilizing computer vision, identifying suspects using artificial intelligence, OSINT, and SOCMINT tools, working with OSINT tools based on open sources for verification, and gaining insights into collaboration practices at national, regional, and international levels.

The topic of searching and investigating information on the "Darknet" particularly intrigued the participants.

Recommendations were provided on utilizing the knowledge acquired post-training. Participants suggested organizing similar events regularly and on a larger scale to further enhance skills.