Participation in International Training on Cybercrime in Ankara, Turkey

Participation in International Training on Cybercrime in Ankara, Turkey


Delegates from the Law Enforcement Academy, including faculty and master's students, participated in an international training on current issues in combating cybercrime. This training was organized in Ankara, Turkey, under the memorandum of understanding between the Law Enforcement Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Turkish Academy of Justice.

The First Deputy Head of the Academy, E.V. Kolenko, spoke at the opening of the training, emphasizing the strong partnership between the two institutions in education and research, highlighting joint projects and future plans. He also underscored the relevance of the training's theme and shared the Academy's experience in building the capacity of personnel in preventing and combating cybercrime.

The training also featured several Turkish experts, including Judge of the Supreme Court of Cassation of Turkey, Dr. Sacit Yilmaz, researcher at the Faculty of Law of Ankara University of Social Sciences, Dr. Burak Boz, and Judge of the Constitutional Court, Dr. Habib Oz. They briefed the participants on UN mechanisms and documents related to combating cybercrime, EU efforts in countering cybercrime, the European Court of Human Rights' decisions on cybercrime, and more.

The speakers emphasized the importance of this issue in the context of the modern digital world. They informed the participants about the work being done by the UN, the Council of Europe, and other international organizations in protecting human rights in the fight against cybercrime, highlighting adopted documents, and discussing the handling of applications from individuals and legal entities regarding cybercrime.

As part of the visit, the delegates also visited the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court of Cassation, the Constitutional Court, and the Council of Judges and Prosecutors of Turkey.

At the conclusion of the training, participants received certificates.